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CIPHI Seminar Series: Ciguatera Fish Poisoning in Peel: Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention and Management

Registration is open for the upcoming seminar on October 12.


Ciguatera fish poisoning is the most commonly reported seafood-toxin in the world.  The gastrointestinal, neurologic and cardiovascular symptoms which last from days to months can also be fatal in rare instances.  Ciguatera fish poisoning is acquired from the consumption of carnivorous reef fish that have bio-accumulated toxic macro-algae from the consumption of herbivorous fish in tropical and subtropical climates. In the summer of 2013, two separate families became ill from Ciguatera fish poisoning after eating the same King Barracuda. Inspection of food premises and trace-back methods were used to determine the source of the fish. Peel Health was able to attain laboratory confirmation of ciguatoxin in the fish consumed and interview ill individuals experiencing similar signs and symptoms which is the current gold standard method for diagnosis.  Temperature related dysesthesia is one of the distinct symptoms of Ciguatera fish poisoning.  Symptom recurrence and sensitization are also a concern. This presentation examines the human health aspects of Ciguatera, as well as diagnosis, prevention and treatment through the cases in Peel Region.

You can read about the presenter and register here.



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