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Important! Proposed changes to Regulation 566! What does it mean to our Profession?

What do the proposed changes to Regulation 566 – Qualification of Boards of Health Staff mean to you and our profession?

  1. The qualifications of a public health inspector WILL BE removed from Regulation 566.  This means that to practice as a public health inspector in Ontario you will NOT be required to possess any qualifications and you will NOT be required to possess a Certificate in Public Health Inspection.  

  2. The Assistant Deputy Minister has indicated that qualifications for public health professionals will be outlined in a new Public Health Accountability Framework, but has not stated what these qualifications will be.  Stakeholder groups will be consulted; however these qualifications will be outlined in a Policy, NOT within a Regulation. It is crucial that our qualifications remain in legislation to be consistent with that of Medical Officers of Health and public health nursing education.

We need to stand united.  Our certification, training and education matter.  We protect the health of the public, and we need to protect our profession.  

How can you support CIPHI ON via social media?

Add @ciphi.ontario to your Instagram and @CIPHI_Ontario to your Twitter accounts. Like and repost/retweet our posts related to the proposed changes to Regulation 566.

To raise awareness and garner support, please feel free to use the phrases below on social media to have your voice heard.

Qualified means CERTIFIED. Expect nothing less to protect the public. #certifiedpublichealthinspectors #Reg566 #CPHIunited #ONPoli 

We protect you, so help protect us. Save our designation, CPHI(C). Only the best for Ontario, only the best for you. #certifiedpublichealthinspectors #Reg566 #CPHIunited #ONPoli

Say “NO” to proposed changes to #Reg566. We stand as one protecting the public, protecting our profession #CPHIunited #certifiedpublichealthinsepctors #ONPoli

Qualified means CERTIFIED.


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