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Ontario Kicks Off First Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Now Mandatory in All Ontario Homes


Ontario is kicking off its first Carbon Monoxide (CO) Awareness Week to talk about the importance of installing CO alarms to keep families and homes in Ontario safe.


This public education campaign, Beat the Silent Killer, runs from Nov.1-8 and is led by fire services across the province. They will be hosting events to spread the message and raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide and the importance of installing detectors in residential dwellings.

Establishing an annual awareness week was part of Bill 77 passed last year, which made CO alarms mandatory in all Ontario homes.  

Working with partners to increase fire and carbon monoxide safety is part of the government's plan to keep Ontario families safe. 


Quick Facts

  • Over 50 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning in Canada, including 11 on average in Ontario.
  • The Ontario Building Code requires the installation of carbon monoxide alarms in homes and other residential buildings built after 2001.


“Increasing awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide and the importance of installing a CO alarm is why this week is so important. I urge all Ontarians to install carbon monoxide alarms immediately – a simple, affordable action everyone can take to help protect their families and their homes.”

Yasir Naqvi

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services


“Now that Ontario has mandated the installation and maintenance of carbon monoxide alarms in existing homes with a fuel-fired heating system or appliance, fireplace or attached garage, it’s up to Ontario families to be responsible for their CO safety. I urge everyone to get involved in Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week and learn how to protect themselves against this silent killer.”

Tadeusz (Ted) Wieclawek

Ontario Fire Marshal & Chief of Emergency Management


“This week is a great time to focus on the dangers associated with this silent killer and I want to thank Canadian Tire for their generous donation of 100 CO alarms. If a CO alarm goes off in your home, never assume it’s a false alarm or the alarm is defective. CO alarms are very reliable, high-tech devices and it is imperative that we treat every alarm seriously.”

John Gignac

Co-Chair, Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education


Media Contacts

  • Carol Gravelle

    Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management


via Ontario.ca



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