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Woman pleads guilty to assault in caulking gun buttock enhancements

The victims fell seriously ill after Marilyn Ely Reid injected them with silicone oil through a syringe attached to a caulking gun.


The client would lie face-down on towels laid out on the bed at her home or in a hotel room.


Using a syringe and a caulking gun from the travelling case she took around with her, Marilyn Ely Reid would inject a clear gel-like substance into the client’s buttocks.


It would result in a “nice plump butt,” Reid told them, showing her own to demonstrate the procedure’s effectiveness.


The real outcome for nine women Reid performed the procedure on were infections, in some cases so severe they could have died, multiple surgeries and disfigurement.


On Monday morning, the 48-year-old Newmarket woman pleaded guilty to eight counts of aggravated assault for performing the illegal and dangerous injections on nine women in Toronto and Aurora in 2011 and 2012.


The Crown is seeking a sentence of 10 years in prison. The defence is asking for time served. Reid has been in jail for 20 months pending trial.


She remained expressionless as she stood to make her guilty pleas and as the facts of the case were read to the court by Crown prosecutor Allison MacPherson.


Reid operated a website advertising “buttock, lip and muscle augmentations” as well as Botox, MacPherson told the court.


Reid, who is not licensed as a nurse or a doctor in Ontario, assured her customers she had medical training, telling some she was a nurse who trained in Europe or South America, and others that she had been a doctor or plastic surgeon in Spain.


She told her customers the substance used for the procedure was sourced from Colombia and called PMMA, which MacPherson told the court is not approved by Health Canada for use in cosmetic surgeries or procedures though it is used in bone reconstruction surgery.


One of the containers she used was tested and found to be “silicone used in the 1990s,” MacPherson told the court.


For a fee ranging from $1,800 to $7,200 Reid would use a syringe attached to a caulking gun to inject a liquid from a bottle labeled “BioFill” or “Bio-Gel” into her clients’ buttocks.


In one case, Reid put crazy glue on a Band-Aid used to prevent the liquid from oozing out of an incision.


She would take photographs of the results and some of the women believe their photographs were used to advertise on a website without their consent.


All nine women have their identities protected by a publication ban. None were present at the court appearance.


One of them, referred to Reid by her sister who had the procedure twice and had not yet developed an infection, immediately began to experience pain and was hospitalized days later. She required multiple surgeries to remove as much of the substance as possible.


Dr. Jamil Ahmad, a plastic surgeon who treated the woman, concluded she could have died if she had not sought medical treatment when she did.


She has been left permanently disfigured, the court heard.


Her sister later developed an abscess on her left leg and was also hospitalized.


Several of the other women required surgeries in addition to antibiotics to treat abscesses and deep infections that developed from the procedure.


On woman became so ill she was hospitalized for three weeks and was unable to work for a year.


A sentencing hearing is scheduled for February.


via Toronto Star



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